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Parish Notes from the Rector’s Desk

Synod Part II

Synod is winding down, and after long day of meetings, and I once again find myself hunched over a keyboard in my hotel room. It was an interesting and even uplifting day (not that there weren’t some sobering reflections on the state of our society). The bishop’s remarks emphasized how we, like the early believers, need to devote ourselves “to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship,.” (Acts 2:42)

And in truth, the gospel message, which is our inheritance (the “deposit of faith”), is indeed reason enough to give us all hope—to bring joy to the world around us. And in Christian fellowship, we can strengthen and encourage one another. As the bishop pointed out, there is something truly unique bout Christian fellowship, for we are brought together by the Spirit of Christ and we remain together because of him. Only in this way—as Christ’s body—can we find the sort of unity and belonging the world vainly seeks. Only in Christ can we truly belong to one another without sacrificing our own individuality; indeed, only in Christ (and in His body) can we truly find ourselves.

I’m looking forward to getting home and enjoying fellowship with my own little patch of this larger body—Holy Cross Anglican Church. And if you are not a member of our parish, I invite you to drop by and visit us, so we may welcome you, and that together we may experience Christ’s love.

Thomas Stone